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The process of plants making their own food
a) Photosynthesis
b) Producer
c) Transpiration
d) Respiration

Consumers that eats only other animals.
a) Herbivore
b) Carnivore
c) Producer
d) Omnivore

Process of breathing
a) Respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Transpiration
d) Producing

The circulation of carbon dioxide and oxygen by plants to animals.
a) Water Cycle
b) Nitrogen Cycle
c) Energy Cycle
d) Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Cyle

A gas release by plants and used by living organisms in respiration
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Helium
c) Oxygen
d) Nitrogen

Living things
a) Abiotic
b) Biotic
c) Nonbiotic
d) Deceased

A gas released by living organisms and used by plants to carry out photosynthesis.
a) Oxygen
b) Nitrogen
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Chlorophyll

Nonliving things
a) Abiotic
b) Biotic
c) Carnivore
d) Community

Organisms that gets its energy by eating food
a) Consumer
b) Decomposer
c) Producer
d) Habitat

Animals that eats carrion - the remains of other animals
a) Scavenger
b) Prey
c) Ecosystem
d) Food Chain

The different kinds of living organisms living in a ecosystems.
a) Community
b) Population
c) Ecosystem
d) Individual

An organism that uses the sun's energy to product its own food through photosynthesis
a) Producer
b) Consumer
c) Energy Pyramid
d) Food Chain

An organism that gets its energy from breaking down dead plants and animals
a) Decomposer
b) Consumer
c) Scavenger
d) Predator

The hunted
a) Prey
b) Predator
c) Food Web
d) Scavenger

All of the abiotic and biotic things interacting together to support life
a) Ecosystem
b) Community
c) Population
d) Habitat

The hunter
a) predator
b) prey
c) scavenger
d) decomposer

A diagram that compares the amount of energy available at each level in feeding order.
a) Food Chain
b) Food Web
c) Habitat
d) Energy Pyramid

All the individuals of the same kind living in the same area
a) population
b) community
c) individual
d) habitat

A flow of energy from the sun to a producer to consumers to decomposers
a) Food Chain
b) Food Web
c) Energy Pyramid
d) Food Cycle

Consumer that eats plants and other animals
a) Omnivore
b) Carnivore
c) Herbivore
d) Scavenger

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