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What are the seven levels of classification (in order)?
a) Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
b) Kingdom, Class, Order, Family, Phylum, Genus, Species
c) Specices, Class, Order, Family, Phylum, Kingdom, Species
d) Order, Class, Kingdom, Family, Phylum, Species, Genus

What determines the scientific name of an organism?
a) Kingdom and phylum
b) Genus and species
c) Class and order
d) Phylum and order

List the characteristics of all living things.
a) ability to reproduce, response to stimuli, temperature of environment
b) ability to reproduce, modes for survival, response to stimuli
c) made of cells, ability to reproduce, uses energy, growth and development, response to stumli
d) need for food, use of energy, modes for survival

The broadest level of classification is...
a) Kingdom
b) Phylum
c) Class
d) Order

The most specific level of classification is
a) Species
b) Kingdom
c) Phylum
d) Genus

What is an animal called that can make its own food?
a) autotroph
b) heterotroph

All animals are...
a) unicellular
b) multicellular

Physical pertains to growth as maturing pertains to...
a) cognitive
b) development

How do plants reproduce?
a) asexually
b) sexually

What are the two categories that describe animals?
a) arthropods and invertebrates
b) vertebrates and invertebrates
c) mollusks and echindoerms
d) birds and fish

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