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An important part of negotiating a sport/event sponsorship contract involves both the sport/event and the sponsor agreeing on the
a) date and time of the sport/event
b) fee and payment schedule
c) size and interest of the audience
d) cost of planning and production

A sponsorship agreement between a sport team and a local business should
a) benefit both parties.
b) provide tangible rewards.
c) guarantee results.
d) include third-party input.

When preparing a sponsorship agreement, it is important for the sport/event to include detailed information concerning the sponsor's
a) marketing rights.
b) selling policies
c) financing sources
d) hiring practices

Because a prospective sponsor may have questions about the sponsorship proposal, an event organizer should plan to
a) reinforce important deadlines.
b) conduct follow-up activities.
c) evaluate sponsorship activities.
d) discuss sponsorship benefits

Which of the following is the most efficient and inexpensive way for a local youth soccer-camp director to locate organizations that offer grant money?
a) Mail color brochures to all local businesses
b) Make cold calls to national corporations
c) Conduct online research
d) Develop a sales letter

Three days after presenting a sponsorship proposal to Kula-Kola Beverage Company, Caitlin calls the company's president and asks her/him if s/he has any questions or concerns about the proposal. What selling activity is Caitlin performing?
a) She is communicating sponsorship benefits.
b) She is upselling the level of sponsorship.
c) She is following up with the potential client.
d) She is negotiating terms with a vendor.

An event organizer is most likely to receive grant or foundation funding if the event
a) benefits the community.
b) has national media coverage.
c) includes celebrity appearances
d) appeals to a large target market

A sport/event planner contacting a local business about supporting an upcoming tennis tournament is an example of following up with potential
a) participants
b) corporate sponsors
c) paying customers
d) spectators

What do amateur sport organizations often solicit in order to be able to operate?
a) Grant money
b) media coverage
c) free publicity
d) playing time

Immediately following a meeting with a potential event sponsor, an event organizer should
a) adjust the pricing options in order to obtain the sale.
b) fax a copy of the proposal to the decision maker.
c) ask the meeting participants for sponsorship referrals.
d) send a thank-you card to each of the meeting participants.

To obtain operating funds, a not-for-profit sport camp for underprivileged children might seek
a) grant or foundation monies.
b) celebrity endorsements.
c) capital-improvement loans.
d) tax refunds from the community

Sending newsletters, acknowledging efforts, providing extra benefits, and asking opinions are ways that event organizers
a) improve their brands
b) advertise their products.
c) encourage vendor loyalty.
d) service their sponsors.

By assigning a staff member to communicate and coordinate activities with each of its sponsors, a sport/event organization facilitates goodwill by
a) creating expanded advertising opportunities.
b) maximizing mass-media exposure
c) processing special orders.
d) providing efficient, ongoing service.

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