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Gravity provides the acceleration of a falling object's force. Around the Earth, this acceleration is constant. What is it?
a) 9.8 m/second squared
b) 98 m/second squared
c) 9.8 miles per hour
d) 30 ft/second squared

When turning a wheel that is attached to an axle, which of the following happens?
a) The axle also moves
b) The wheel spins on its own, while the axle remains unaffected
c) The input force is increased along the edge of the wheel
d) Nothing. The wheel will only move if the axle is moved.

Which of the following shows the work output of an ideal mechanism?
a) Work Output = Work Input
b) Work Output = mass x 9.8 m/second squared
c) Work Output = Work Input - Work Lost
d) Work Output = (mass x acceleration) x distance

The formula W = (mass x 9.8 m/second squared)d would be used when attempting to find which of the following
a) How much work is being done by a falling object
b) force
c) how much work any mechanism might be capable of
d) the velocity of a falling object

What is the unit of measurement for work?
a) Joule (J)
b) Newton (N)
c) Calorie
d) Ampere (A)

How is the work a mechanism loses to friction calculated?
a) Work Output = Work Input - Work Lost
b) Work Output = Force x Distance
c) Work Output = Mass x Acceleration
d) Work Output = Work Input + Work Lost

Which of the following describes how mechanical advantage can change the initial force put into a tool.
a) Multiplying it, changing its type, changing its direction
b) Equaling it
c) Multiplying it only
d) changing its direction only

Calculate the mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle with the following attributes. Radius of wheel = 3 cm and radius of axle = 0.3 cm
a) 10
b) 0.9
c) 0.1
d) 1

Which of the following terms describes the distance between a screw's threads?
a) pitch
b) lead
c) radius
d) helix

A pulley system is made up of two pulleys and four sections of rope that are acting on the load. What is the mechanical advantage of such a pulley system?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 8
d) 6

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