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Which of the following is an invention that helped settle the west?
a) Barbed Wire
b) Reaper
c) Telephone
d) Typewriter

They were the crowded and dirty homes where most immigrants stayed when they moved to the cities.
a) Slums
b) Apartments
c) Tenements
d) Malls

He lead the Nez Perce Tribe.
a) Crazy Horse
b) Sitting Bull
c) Chief Joseph
d) Wind in his hair

He believed that African Americans can be equal through education.
a) W.E.B. DuBois
b) Booker T. Washington
c) Martin Luthr King Jr.
d) Malcolm X

Captian of the Oil industry.
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) Henry Ford
c) John D. Rockefeller
d) Theordore Roosevelt

Which of the following did not contribute to the rise of big business?
a) Advertising
b) Telephone
c) Transcontinental Railroad
d) Captains of Industry

Captain of the Steel Industry
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) James Monroe
c) Henry Ford
d) John D. Rockefeller

She worked for womens suffrage.
a) Susan B. Anthony
b) Liz Tyler
c) Marilyn Monroe
d) Mary Tyler Moore

Prohibition is...
a) Restricting cigarettes
b) Closing borders
c) Stopping slavery
d) Restricting Alcohol

Are you glad this is over?
a) Yes
b) no
c) no
d) no

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