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Crustaceans have an exoskeleton made of
a) calcium carbonate
b) chitin
c) bone
d) collagen

What two body part divisions do crustaceans have?
a) head and thorax
b) thorax and abdomen
c) cephalothorax and abdomen
d) head and abdomen

Crustaceans have
a) jointed appendages
b) cephalization
c) antennae
d) all are correct

What type of circulatory system do crustaceans have?
a) open
b) closed
c) ajar
d) none

What is the upper portion of a crustaceans exoskeleton called?
a) top
b) plastron
c) carapace
d) dorsal shield

How do crustaceans grow?
a) molting
b) expansion
c) budding
d) stretching

What are the modified appendages on the underside of a crustacean's abdomen called?
a) walking legs
b) claws
c) telson
d) swimmerets

The respiratory organs of aquatic crustaceans are
a) tracheae
b) gills
c) book lungs
d) spiracles

The first pair of walking legs of a crustacean are modified into
a) claws
b) antennae
c) swimmerets
d) gills

The anterior gastric mill of a crustacean functions to
a) absorb nutrients from food
b) filter coarse particles from food
c) release digestive enzymes
d) grind coarse food

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