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Overview Of The Protist Kingdom. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

All protists share these two characteristics.
a) eukaryotic cells and live in moist environments
b) prokaryotic cells and live in moist environments
c) eukaryotic cells and all contain chlorophyll
d) eukaryotic cells and cilia

All plant-like protists are ____ and ____.
a) autotrophs/ have cell walls
b) hetertrophs/have cell walls
c) saprophytes/have cell walls
d) have chlorophyll/do not have cell walls

The protists that has plant-like characteristics, but can have animal-like characteristics is the ___.
a) euglena
b) paramecium
c) diatom
d) amoeba

The amoeba has ___ for movement and feeding.
a) pseudopods
b) cilia
c) flagella
d) eyespots

What gas is given off when plant-like protists photosynthesize?
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) hydrogen

Animal-like protists are known as ___
a) protozoans
b) aalgae
c) parasites
d) ciliates

Euglena have a/an _____ that is sensitive to light and helps move it toward the light.
a) eyespot
b) flagellum
c) pseudpod
d) macronucleus

All animal-like protists are ___.
a) one-celled
b) many-celled
c) one-celled and many-celled
d) marco-celled

Organisms that live in or on another organism to obtain food directly are ___.
a) parasites
b) saprophytes
c) autotrophs
d) ciliates

____ are short, thread-like structures that extend from the cell membrane and aid in locomotion.
a) cilia
b) pseudopods
c) flagella
d) hyphae

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