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Lives in India would be saved if they stopped burning ________?
a) Wood
b) Manure
c) Coal
d) None of the above

________ has barely any control on pollution.
a) Ethiopia
b) China
c) India
d) None of the above

There are ______ amount of deaths from emissions that are hurting the carbon cycle in India.
a) 40
b) 40,000-60,000
c) 70,000-80,000
d) 80,000-115,000

India pollutes the nitrogen cycle when spraying ______ on their crops.
a) Nitrogen
b) Water
c) Leaves
d) Dirt

_______ affects the carbon cycle and kills around 120,000 people a year in India.
a) Guns
b) Coal
c) People
d) Polluted water

Ethiopia has many problems with ________ that affects the water cycle.
a) Drinking water
b) Bathing water
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

Ethiopia burns a lot of _______ when making products in the country that affects the carbon cycle.
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Natural gas
d) All of the above

Polluted water in Etiopia affects the hydrogen cycle and has _________ in it.
a) ANimal waste
b) Worms
c) Disease
d) All of the above

Ethiopia takes a lot of dissolved oxygen out of the water affecting the nitrogen cycle when they are making ________.
a) Coal
b) Clothing
c) Coffee
d) Concrete

What country makes a lot of coffee and pollutes the nitrogen cycle while doing it?
a) Ethiopia
b) China
c) India
d) United States

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