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The all African American Union regiment that received high honors for their bravery at Fort Wagner.
a) 54th Massachusetts Regiment
b) 54th African Union Regiment
c) 54th Missouri Regiment
d) 51st Charleston Regiment

Women participated in the war by being which of the following?
a) Nurses
b) Generals
c) Congress Members
d) Ship Captains

Children participated in the war by being:
a) Spies
b) Caretakers
c) Drummers
d) Generals

The Confederate Army used what as a strategy to get Europe's help during the war?
a) They attacked Europe
b) They wrote a petition to the King of England
c) They used a submarine to get messages across the Atlantic
d) d. They stopped selling cotton to Europe

South Carolina seceded from the Union immediately after what event
a) Dred Scott Decison
b) Battle of Fort Sumter
c) Election of Abraham Lincoln
d) The Burning of the state capital during Sherman's March

9. What fort did the 54th Massachusetts Regiment attack?
a) a. Fort Royal
b) b. Fort Sumter
c) c. Fort Wagner
d) d. Port Royal

10. Union General William Sherman used his “total war” to do what to the South?
a) a. To terrorize citizens by destroying homes, farms, and resources
b) b. To frighten citizens to the point that Union troops killed civilians
c) c. To make amends for what his troops had done to Georgia and South Carolina
d) d. To bring his respects to freedmen by offering them “40 acres and a mule”

8. What was the name of the first submarine that was able to sink an enemy’s ship?
a) a. The Saint Patrick
b) b. The H.L. Hunley
c) c. The Octorara
d) d. The Sub Marine Explorer

Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?
a) Port Royal
b) Fort Wagner
c) Fort Sumter
d) Kansas

The Union wanted to split the Confederacy in two at the:
a) Missouri Compromise line
b) Savannah River
c) Coast
d) Mississippi River

6. The Civil War was the war over slavery and what else?
a) a. State’s rights
b) b. Federal government’s rights
c) c. Slaves’ rights
d) d. The Union’s rights to win back the Confederate states

7. What was the plan of the North’s Anaconda Plan?
a) a. To instill fear in the Confederate troops by burning the capital of Columbia
b) b. To blockade Southern ports and cut off supply lines
c) c. To help the seceding states at victory in the Civil War
d) d. To literally “squeeze the life out of Northern ports so that the Union would be successful during the war.

3. Which document formally declared all slaves in the seceding states free?
a) a. The Emancipation Proclamation
b) b. The Missouri Compromise
c) c. The Ordinance of Secession
d) d. The South Carolina Secession

What was the name of the slave who used a Confederate ship to sail through the Union blockade to freedom?
a) Dred Scott
b) Nat Turner
c) Robert Smalls
d) John Brown

The first major victory for the Union in South Carolina.
a) Port Royal
b) Battle of Fort Sumter
c) Burning of Atlanta
d) Victory at Fort Wagner

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