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What is an estimate of the number of Africans that probably died in the passage to the Americas during the Atlantic slave trade?
a) 2 million
b) 2,000
c) 11 million
d) 800,000

The first leg of the triangular trade route
a) brought European goods to Africa
b) brought colonial goods to the West Indies
c) brought colonial goods to Europe
d) brought African slaves to the Americas

The English colonies of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Marland were mainly set up as
a) haves for persecuted religious groups
b) fur-trading outposts organized for profit
c) military outposts to drive out the French
d) A place to send convicts from English prisons.

The population of New France grew slowly because
a) Harsh winters kept many French from settling there
b) Trappers could not get fair prices for their furs
c) Catholics were prohibited from settling in the colony
d) Native Americans in the region attacked settlers

Through the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494,
a) Portugal claimed its empire of Brazil
b) Spain claimed its empire of Brazil
c) PIzarro made peace with the Incas
d) Cortes made peace with the Aztecs

An economic policy based a nation exporting more goods than it imports
a) mercantilism
b) viceroys
c) tarrifs
d) Superior numbers

Claimed much of present-day eastern Canada for France
a) Jacques Cariter
b) Hernan Cortes
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Olaudah Equiano

The trade route that shipped African slaves to the Americas
a) Middle Passage
b) Triangular trade
c) The new Ford F-150
d) Mercantilism

a) People who take financial risk to make profists
b) Bank investors
c) An economic policy based a nation exporting more goods than it imports
d) Pirates who operated with the approval of European governments

Widespread inflation struck Europe in the mid-1500s due to the increasing amounts of
a) silver and gold from the Americas
b) food shipments from the Americas
c) slave labor from the Americas
d) raw materials from the Americas

What mercantilist policy was designed to protect local industries from foreign competition?
a) Tariffs increased the price of imported goods
b) Governments imposed new national currency systems
c) Tariffs lowered the price of imported goods
d) Europeans could not purchase certain imported goods.

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