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a) Native American and European
b) White with a touch of Alien
c) African and European descent
d) Spanish born

Pirates who operated with the approval of European governments were...
a) Privateers
b) SLC Students
c) Viceroys
d) Conquistadors

Who was the conquistador who added lands from Peru, Ecuador, and Chile to the Spanish Empire?
a) Francisco Pizarro
b) Olaudah Equiano
c) Hernan Cortes
d) Creoles

At the top of the Spanish colonial society were the
a) creoles
b) peninsulares
c) mestizos
d) mulattoes

In 1521, an expedition led by __ captured the treasure of the Aztecs.
a) Hernan Cortes
b) Mr. Richards
c) Pizarro
d) George Washington

High officials called __ ruled large colonial territories in the name of the monarch.
a) Viceroys
b) mercantilism
c) conquistadors
d) vice presidents

a) Under as system called ___, Native Americans were forced at work under brutal conditions
b) The __was the part of the triangular trade route during which African slaves were brought to the Americans
c) People who take financial risks to make money are ___
d) The economic policy called __ was based on a nation exporting more goods than it imports

Moctezuma ruled over this empire...
a) Aztec
b) Inca
c) The South
d) Mayan

Spanish who conquered the Americas were called...
a) Conquistadors
b) Viceroys
c) Encomiendas
d) Mercantilism

Many Americans were forced to become __, workers forced to labor for a landlord in order to pay off a debt.
a) Peon
b) Encomiendas
c) Viceroys
d) Alliances

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