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How did Congressional Reconstruction differ from Presidential Reconstruction?
a) It made the Black Codes federal laws.
b) It placed the former Confederate states under federal control.
c) It redistributed land among freed slaves.
d) It allowed Southern states to rejoin the Union under easy terms.

The Civil War failed to achieve
a) the end of slavery
b) the free exercise of equal rights regardless of race
c) the growth of community life for African-Americans
d) the reunification of the states

Why might the passage of the 15th Amendment have angered women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
a) It abolished male slavery but retained slavery among women working as domestics.
b) It made slavery legal in the territories.
c) It gave men but not women the right to vote.
d) It prevented women from receiving the assistance of the Freedmen's Bureau.

What is the strongest expression of the significance of the Radical Republicans taking over Reconstruction?
a) They changed the South through military occupation
b) They limited the power of the President.
c) They tried to convict President Johnson.
d) They passed the Tenure of Office Act.

Which best represents an example of Southern Democrats opposition to Reconstruction?
a) Fugitive Slave laws
b) Emancipation Proclamation
c) The 14th Amendment
d) Jim Crow laws

Reconstruction ended predominantly for what reason?
a) The South had been rebuilt and no longer needed to be reconstructed.
b) New laws ensured the welfare of freed slaves and a new generation of southern leaders were ready to continue Union politics.
c) As a result of a compromise that gave the Republicans the presidency in return for withdrawing troops from the South.
d) It was too expensive to continue.

A Northerner who came to the South during Reconstruction and was often there purely to exploit the South's misfortune for personal gain was called what?
a) a scalawag
b) a sharecropper
c) a carpetbagger
d) a copperhead

What effect did the system of sharecropping have on the South after the Civil War?
a) it kept formerly enslaved persons economically dependent.
b) it brought investment capital to the South.
c) it encouraged Northerners to migrate South.
d) it provided for a fair distribution of land among former slaves.

Which of the following freed all slaves?
a) 15th Amendment
b) 14th Amendment
c) 13th Amendment
d) Civil Rights Act of 1866

How were former slaves kept from voting but it still allowed poor whites to vote?
a) poll taxes
b) literacy tests
c) Jim Crow laws
d) Grandfather clause

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