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Theater were Shakespeare's plays were performed
a) Colosseum
b) Athenian
c) Globe
d) London

During the Renaissance there was a rebirth of interest in
a) art and learning
b) religion
c) military strategies
d) political freedom

What invention aided in the spread of ideas
a) Printing Press
b) Glider
c) Telephone
d) florin

Birthplace of the Renaissance
a) Genoa
b) Florence
c) Venice
d) Milan

The belief that the individual and human societ are important
a) Classical Learning
b) Individualism
c) Humanism
d) Civilzation

Technique used to create 3 dimensions
a) Perspecitive
b) Realism
c) Chiaroscuro
d) Fresco

Wealthy, ruling family of Florence
a) Machiavelli
b) DaVinci
c) Medici
d) Polo

Trade allowed Italian states to become very wealthy
a) True
b) False

He developed the printing press
a) Machiavelli
b) Gutenberg
c) Shakespeare
d) Davinci

The ideas of being more interested in this world rather than religion
a) secular
b) Christian
c) protestant
d) civilized

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