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A substance that stimulates the body's immune response against future invasion by microbes is a
a) vaccine
b) receptor
c) mutation
d) retrovirus.

HIV is considered a retrovirus because it
a) attacks the white blood cells.
b) has a high mutation rate
c) returns many times
d) uses RNA to make DNA

The main reason that viruses are not considered to be living things is because —
a) they do not contain any nucleic acids
b) they cannot reproduce on their own
c) they do not contain a nucleus
d) they are not affected by antibiotics

When HIV causes a lysogenic infection, it can remain dormant for years. When it becomes a lytic infection, it
a) can no longer cause AIDS.
b) mutates infrequently
c) destroys T- cells of the immune system
d) causes no symptoms

The protein shell of a virus is called a
a) capsid.
b) envelope
c) tail sheath
d) spike

In which of the following types of infection will the infected host cell burst?
a) lysogenic infection
b) prophage infection
c) provirus infection
d) lytic infection

Any organism or particle that can cause an infectious disease is called a
a) bacteria
b) virus
c) viroid
d) pathogen

What part of a virus determines which host the virus infects?
a) receptor molecules
b) plasma membrane
c) surface proteins
d) nucleic acids

Viruses that infect bacteria are called
a) bacteriophages.
b) polyhedral virus
c) helical viruses
d) prophages.

An infectious particle made of a strand of nucleic acid surrounded by protein is a
a) bacteria
b) virus
c) viroid
d) prion

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