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The purpose of repeated experimental trials is to
a) Supply data to record
b) Validate conclusions
c) Provide practice
d) Share the work

Which of the following tools would be used to measure the MASS of a piece of metal wire about the size of a paper clip?
a) A triple-beam balance calibrated in grams
b) A microscope with a ruler calibrated in microns
c) A metric ruler calibrated in millimeters
d) A metric stick calibrated in centimeters

In a controlled experiment, why do scientists try to control all of the variables except one?
a) To see if independent variable will change the control
b) To see if the dependent variable is larger than the independent variable
c) Because they want to!
d) To see if the results will change as the variable changes

An unchanging measurement of the amount of matter an object contains is its
a) density
b) volume
c) mass
d) length

Elizabeth developed a hypothesis stating that people throw many materials into the trash that they could be recycled. Which investigate procedure should Elizabeth use to prove this hypothesis?
a) She should sort through items thrown away and collect data on how many of them can be recycled.
b) She should develop a detailed poster describing all of the types of items that can be recycled.
c) She should make a chart and list all of the materials that cannot be recycled. She should collect specific data on the total
d) She should play her Nintendo DS and forget about it.

Which of these terms is NOT used to create a CONCEPT MAP?
a) Science
b) Hypothesis
c) Experiments
d) Beaker

The final step at the end of an experiment is to
a) read a book until the class is over
b) clean your work area according to your teacher's instructions
c) turn in your lab report
d) pack up your book bag and wait for the bell to ring

Imagine an experiment that you would like to conduct. What are the steps you would take in order to plan the experiment?
a) collect evidence, examine data, test differences, draw conclusion
b) There are no steps that you have to take when planning to do an experiment.
c) Write hypothesis, make a observation, do the experiment, collect data, conclusion
d) Validate procedure, change variables, remove constants, draw conclusion

During an experiment, you must mix chemicals in a glass beaker and pour the substance in a test tube. What is NOT a safety procedure that you should follow to protect yourself during an experment?
a) Clean up spills.
b) Wear safety goggles.
c) Put on cool jacket to impress cute student sitting next to you.
d) Roll up sleeves

Jerome developed the following hypothesis for his science project:
a) Roll the skateboard down inclines set at different angles, and measure the time it takes to roll the same distance each time.
b) Push the skateboard with varying force down inclines set at different angles, and measure the distance traveled each time.
c) Roll the skateboard down an incline, and measure the force with which it hits the wall.
d) Pick up the skateboard and go home.

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