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But I never expected that my discovery would come in handy so soon. What does 'come in handy' mean?
a) be held up
b) be handed around
c) be useful
d) come inside

We are working against the clock here. What does 'we are working against the clock here' mean?
a) we do not have time to work
b) we have to stop working
c) we have limited time
d) we are too late

But if worse comes to worst, we could be in danger. What does ' if worse comes to worst' mean?
a) nobody knows what will happen next
b) the worst thing has happened
c) if the worst thing happens
d) things are worse than you could imagin

Oh, My, said Dr. Schwartz, taken aback but speaking in a matter of fact tone. What does 'taken aback' mean?
a) working hard
b) pulled backwards
c) suddenly surprised
d) showing one's true feelings

Everyone is always on the go, while I am used to the peace and quiet of our village. What does 'on the go' mean?
a) stopping and going
b) moving quickly
c) working hard
d) going home

Hey, Mr. Watkins, watch your step! Mina cried. What does 'watch your step' mean?
a) look at your feet
b) walk more quickly
c) look out for the stairs
d) be careful where you are walking

Without a doubt, you would find it dull at first, the loudest sound is usually birdsong, or sometimes a truck backfiring. What does 'without a doubt' mean?
a) full of doubt
b) suspicious
c) boldly
d) certainly

He and Mina went in and took a seat at a table, setting down the grocery bag in an empty chair. What does ' took a seat' mean?
a) sat down
b) stood up
c) moved a chair
d) carried away a chair

I had to take my umbrella outside since it was raining cats and dogs. What does ' it is raining cats and dogs' mean?
a) cats and dogs are falling from the sky
b) it is raining very hard
c) cats and dogs hate the rain
d) if cats and dogs are outside it is going to rain hard

When Mugsy passed away Mr. Keefer felt blue. What does 'felt blue' mean?
a) happy
b) sad
c) surprised
d) excited

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