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Few people live along this geographic feature in India because it's hot year round and the soil is too dry for farming:
a) Deccan Plateau
b) Northern Mountain Rim
c) Northern plains
d) Mt. Everest

Right now ________ has the largest population in the world, but __________ is expected to have a larger population in 2050.
a) India; China
b) Pakistan; India
c) China; India
d) U.S.; China

_____________ is a religion that developed in India that emphasizes reincarnation, nonviolence and the caste system.
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Christianity

What accounts for 80% of the pollution that is occurring along the Ganges River?
a) industrial waste
b) dead bodies
c) raw sewage
d) animal waste

The idea that a person's actions determine what happens to that person after death is called ________.
a) reincarnation
b) life after death
c) meditation
d) karma

Most people in India live in this geographic region because it has fertile soil and a large water resource.
a) Deccan Plateau
b) Northern Plains
c) Northern Mountain Rim
d) Ganges Delta

Which geographic region separates South Asia from the rest of Asia, therefore making South Asia a subcontinent?
a) Northern Mountain Rim
b) Northern Plains
c) Deccan Plateau
d) Himalaya Moutains

The belief that after death, one's soul is reborn into a different body is called _______.
a) karma
b) reincarnation
c) meditation
d) life after death

Mohandas Gandhi is remembered for leading what type of protests against British rule?
a) violent
b) intelligent
c) sacrificial
d) nonviolent

The holiest river in the Hindu faith is the ______.
a) Ganges
b) Brahmaputra
c) Indus
d) Chatahoochee

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