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Plants lose water through the stomata in their leaves in a process called
a) transpiration
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) precipitation

If water vapor loses enough heat, it changes back to a
a) gas
b) solid
c) liquid
d) stays the same

Water that falls to the Earth from the atmosphere is called
a) precipitation
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) transpiration

What percent of the atmosphere is made of nitrogen gas
a) 89%
b) 79%
c) 87%
d) 78%

Animals get nitrogen by eating
a) other animals
b) plants
c) decomposers
d) bacteria

What state is ranked 5th in America for carbon emissions
a) Florida
b) California
c) Pennsylvania
d) Maryland

What country is known for deforestation and creates pollution in the carbon and water cycle
a) Peru
b) Zambia
c) China
d) Dominican Republic

What source of energy drives the carbon cycle
a) photosynthesis
b) trees
c) animals and humans
d) sunlight

Which state is using a biofilter to remove ammonia from water
a) Florida
b) California
c) Texas
d) Maryland

What country has a low nitrogen pollution due to unfamiliarity with the nitrogen cycle process
a) Zambia
b) England
c) Italy
d) Ethiopia

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