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Which of the following is a reason that Australian marsupials are endangered or extinct?
a) Europeans changed the environment dramatically when they arrived there.
b) A small meteor strike there and the aftermath caused many species to die from loss of habitat, food, and climate change
c) A massive earthquake killed them and destroyed their habitats and food sources
d) An invasive species of sharks that can walk on land have been rapidly expanding and preying on the animals there

Which environmental condition is believed to have driven the adaptations in penguins that prevent them from flying?
a) Predators in the air forced them to take to the water
b) Most of their food is in the water
c) A lack of predators on land made it unecessary for them to fly
d) It is colder up high in the air which forced them to spend more time on the ground

Why can penguins no longer fly?
a) They spent so much time in the water because that was where their food was that they forgot how to fly
b) They saw other penguins getting food in the water so they decided they would get their food there too and so adapted to be ab
c) Through natural selection the environment drove adaptations that were better suited for diving than flying
d) They are too lazy

Which of the following is not an adaptation for bird flight?
a) rapidly beating heart
b) air sacs to make them lighter
c) wings
d) down feathers to make them streamlined

Which of the following characteristics are shared by all mammals?
a) mammary glands, diaphragms, constant body temperature
b) long legs, mammary glands, good vision
c) good vision, diaphragms, long necks
d) poor hearing, constant body temperature, live births

A bird’s streamlined body surface is created by
a) down feathers
b) contour feathers
c) the keel
d) the crop

What characteristic of mammals helped them become better consumers?
a) having opposable thumbs
b) being lower the the ground
c) having different kinds of teeth
d) having a jaw that can open wider than other animals

Why do marsupials need a pouch for their young after birth?
a) because the mothers need to breathe for their young
b) to keep them from running away before they are ready to take care of themselves
c) to carry them until they learn to hop
d) to protect and feed them while they continue to develop

Which of the following is NOT a marsupial?
a) panda
b) numbat
c) Tasmanian devil
d) wallaby

For speciation to happen groups of the same species must first
a) decide that they are not strong enough for their current environment
b) separate into different environments with different conditions
c) compete with each other for dominance
d) adapt to different environments

A characteristic that improves an organism’s ability to survive is a(n)
a) adaptation
b) inherited variation
c) reproduction
d) breeding

What is the process by which organisms that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce more successfully than less well adapted organisms do?
a) species separation
b) genetic resistance
c) natural selection
d) genetic change

The process by which populations slowly change over time is called
a) selective breeding
b) adaptation
c) speciation
d) evolution

Marsupials are born _________________ after fertilization
a) Several months
b) Days or weeks
c) Nine months
d) Hours

Scientists compare organisms’ DNA to support the theory that all species share a common
a) separation
b) population
c) ancestor
d) environment

A spider may produce hundreds of eggs, only a few of which may survive. This is an example of
a) division
b) genetic change
c) speciation
d) overproduction

The trace remains of an organism that lived long ago, most commonly preserved in sedimentary rock, are a
a) fossil
b) mineral
c) layer
d) sediment

Which of the following is NOT an example of natural selection?
a) insects developing pesticide resistance
b) dog owners breeding their pets to produce friendlier offspring
c) male birds developing extremely colorful displays of feathers
d) elephants passing the tuskless trait to their offspring

Which of the following features did whales possibly inherit from a four-legged ancestor?
a) legs
b) gills
c) hip bones
d) hind limbs

The fact that an organism’s offspring are not identical is known as
a) inherited variation
b) adaptation
c) reproduction
d) genetics

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