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A convergent boundary is formed when two tectonic plates meet and push against each other. What type of land form would occur at this type of boundary?
a) Canyon
b) Coastline
c) Mountain
d) Plains

Which force causes mountain ranges to form?
a) glacial drift
b) volcanic eruption
c) physical weathering
d) crustal plate movement

A student pushes two green clay blocks together to show how mountains can form. Which of these changes would MOST help the student see how mountain building affects sedimentary rocks?
a) using blocks of brown clay that are thicker and shorter
b) using blocks made of many layers of red and blue clay
c) using blocks of yellow clay that have dried out
d) using blocks made of many small spheres of pink clay

A student presents a study of geology. Which of the following would be the BEST model to demonstrate the changes that occur when tectonic plates collide?
a) forcing two magnets together
b) breaking a piece of chalk in half
c) pushing two blocks of clay together
d) dropping a marble into a box filled with sand

Continental drift is most closely related to
a) soil composition
b) river formation
c) plate tectonics
d) world climate

Plate tectonics helps
a) predict future glacial periods
b) explain the cause of earthquakes
c) explain the cause of deforestation
d) the ocean tides

Which is the best evidence that continents that are now separated were once joined?
a) Continents that were once joined now have similar climates.
b) Identical plant and animal fossils are found on continents that are now separated.
c) The cultures of the people on separated continents have similar languages.
d) The migratory patterns of wildlife on separated continents are similar.

Plate tectonics theory does not explain
a) Mountain building
b) Earthquakes
c) Volcanic activity
d) Neap tide

The folding and faulting of rocks is caused by
a) magnetism
b) ancient weathering and erosion
c) movement of tectonic plates
d) sediments deposited by rivers

Mountains in the Himalayans are increasing in elevation due to —
a) seafloor spreading
b) the action of earthquakes
c) colliding tectonic plates
d) transform faulting of a tectonic plate

Rift valleys form because —
a) after three tectonic plates come together one of them stops spreading
b) tectonic plates stop moving and weld together in a permanent formation
c) one tectonic plate forces itself under another causing tremendous pressure
d) a weakness in a tectonic plate is repeatedly filled in with magma

Scientists have observed that when oceanic plates and cotinental plates collide, the oceanic plate is driven under the continental plate. The MOST LIKELY reason for this phenomenon is -
a) the convection currents in the mantle.
b) water applies a downward force on the oceanic plate.
c) he oceanic plate is more dense than the continental plate.
d) the continental plate is wider than the oceanic plate.

The single massive land mass that broke apart forming continents was known as
a) Europe
b) Greenland
c) Pangea
d) Plate Tectonics

The modern model of plate tectonic theory suggests that the continents and the major tectonic plates drift slowly on —
a) the ocean
b) the Earth's core
c) the upper layer of the Earth's mantle
d) the atmosphere

According to the theory of plate tectonics, where do activities such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur?
a) Above the surfaces of plates
b) In the outer regions of plates
c) Along plate boundaries
d) In the centers of plates

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