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The likelihood that a particular event will occur is also known as
a) the genetic cross
b) the punnett square
c) probability
d) principle of dominance

The physical characteristics of an organism is known as
a) the genotype
b) the phenotype
c) traits
d) alleles

The genetic makeup of an organism is known as
a) the genotype
b) the phenotype
c) the traits
d) the alleles

Which genotype below is homozygous dominant?
a) rr
b) RR
c) Rr
d) rrYy

Which genotype is heterozygous for two traits?
a) TtYy
b) TTYy
c) ttYY
d) Ttyy

According to this principle, some alleles are dominant and some alleles are recessive
a) Principle of recessiveness
b) Principle of independent assortment
c) Principle of probability
d) Principle of dominance

During gamete formation, genes for different traits separate without influencing each other's inheritance. This is called
a) the principle of dominance
b) the principle recessiveness
c) the principle of independent assortment
d) the principle of sex-linked traits

A diagram used to predict the outcome of genetic crosses is called
a) A punnett square
b) A punnett cube
c) Probability square
d) A principle square

Genetics is the scientific study of
a) Traits
b) Alleles
c) Pea Plants
d) Heredity

Heterozygous means
a) Two alleles are the same
b) Two alleles are different
c) Two alleles are dominant
d) Two alleles are recessive

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