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Which of these is not part of the water cycle?
a) Precipitation
b) Condensation
c) Evaporation
d) Translation

Clouds form when water changes from a
a) solid to a liquid
b) gas to a liquid
c) Liquid to a gas

Which pairing is incorrect?
a) Sun/solar energy
b) Heat/thermal energy
c) Aquatic/electrical energy

Which of these describes the Sun's role in the water cycle?
a) The Sun provides energy to change water from a liquid to a gas
b) The Sun provides energy to change water into acid rain
c) The Sun causes ocean tides

Heat is
a) light energy
b) sound energy
c) thermal energy
d) electrical energy

When soil is fully saturated, excess water will flow over the land. This is called
a) Precipitation
b) Groundwater
c) Runoff
d) Condensation

Which of the following causes water to evaporate?
a) Solar energy
b) Moon's gravitational pull
c) Reduced temperatures

Which of these causes tides?
a) The Earths gravity
b) The Moon's gravitational pull
c) Solar flares
d) Asteroid

Precipitation is
a) water in a gaseous state
b) water in a liquid state
c) the same as evaporation

As lake water heats up water will change states from a
a) liquid to a liquid
b) liquid to a solid
c) liquid to a gas
d) gas to a solid

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