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word part olig/o means
a) night time
b) small amount
c) protein
d) none

word part pyel/o
a) pus
b) pink
c) renal pelvis
d) kidney

word part -tripsy means
a) stone
b) falling
c) crushing
d) small

word part dips/o means
a) thirst
b) falling
c) crush
d) stone

Word part cyst/o means
a) cell
b) sack
c) tubule
d) hernia

word part poly- means
a) part of whole
b) small amount
c) many
d) thirst

word part -poitein means
a) substance that forms
b) protein
c) making red
d) a hormone

word part chron/o means
a) color
b) time
c) chrome
d) quickly

word part -emia means
a) disease process
b) abnormal condition
c) condition of
d) blood condition

word part alges/o means
a) allergy
b) without
c) sensation
d) artery

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