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Which tool would you use to measure the amount of rain that falls in an area?
a) weather vane
b) anemometer
c) thermometer
d) gauge

When water on a sidewalk dries, it goes into the air as water vapor. Later, when the air cools, what
a) It becomes snow.
b) It condenses.
c) It evaporates.
d) It becomes a gas.

Which instrument is used to measure air pressure?
a) thermometer
b) barometer
c) anemometer
d) hygrometer

Which planet is the fourth from the Sun?
a) Saturn
b) Mars
c) Uranus
d) Jupiter

Which lists three of the planets in correct order starting with the one nearest to the Sun?
a) Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto
b) Mercury, Mars, Venus
c) Earth, Jupiter, Uranus
d) Jupiter, Mars, Earth

Which is the longest amount of time?
a) day
b) week
c) month
d) year

Which object reflects the light from the Sun so we see it at night?
a) a space shuttle
b) a meteor
c) the Moon
d) a star

Which is a weather instrument?
a) balance
b) thermometer
c) meterstick
d) microscope

Which weather instrument tells the direction the wind is blowing?
a) barometer
b) rain gauge
c) thermometer
d) weather vane

Why does the Moon appear larger than the stars?
a) The Moon is larger than the stars.
b) The Moon is closer to Earth.
c) The Moon is farther away from Earth.
d) The light of the Moon is brighter than the light of the Sun.

A dark, funnel-shaped windstorm that comes near the ground and can cause much destruction is a
a) tornado
b) blizzard
c) hurricane
d) thunderstorm

Which tool is used by astronomers to make objects that are far away appear larger?
a) microscope
b) satellite
c) spacecraft
d) telescope

Which planet is most like Earth?
a) Mars
b) Neptune
c) Pluto
d) Uranus

In a family of rabbits, half the rabbits are brown and half are white. Which statement BEST explains why
a) The white rabbits were in the Sun more than the brown rabbits.
b) The brown rabbits inherited different coat colors than the white rabbits.
c) The brown rabbit ate foods that are darker in color than the white rabbits.
d) The white rabbits live where it is warmer than where the brown rabbits live.

A scientist wanted to conduct an experiment with special equipment that is very sensitive to sound. A
a) deep under water
b) high in the air
c) in a solid piece of granite
d) in outer space

Which simple machine is used to hold objects together?
a) hammer
b) pulley
c) screw
d) lever

The Sun, a lightbulb, and a candle all give off light. How does the light from these things feel?
a) dry
b) wet
c) warm
d) cool

Which of these is a simple machine?
a) crayon
b) wagon
c) book
d) paper clip

A push or pull on an object will make it
a) smaller
b) larger
c) hot
d) move

Which tool is a part of a system for making sounds louder?
a) microscope
b) telescope
c) microphone
d) binoculars

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