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Why are grasshoppers green?
a) because they feed on green caterpillars
b) to blend into the grass for protection
c) so males and females can see each other
d) to scare away animals that would eat them

Which MOST LIKELY would cause the greatest harm to a pond community?
a) building birdhouses near the pond
b) planting a tree next to the pond
c) spraying chemicals to kill the insects
d) picking a few water plants

The role of the producer in any community is to
a) produce space
b) produce nutrients
c) produce carbon dioxide
d) produce food

An animal that eats only plants is called
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) omnivore
d) scavenger

A clam has a hard shell to protect it. Another animal using a similar form of protection is the
a) butterfly
b) zebra
c) flounder
d) turtle

Which characteristic helps the animal get food?
a) a crow's black color
b) a squirrel's bushy tail
c) a crayfish's strong claw
d) a turtle's hard shell

Rabbits have good hearing and can run very fast. These abilities help rabbits
a) gather food more easily.
b) escape from predators.
c) move quietly through brush.
d) raise their babies.

Consumers could not survive without _________.
a) producers
b) consumers
c) competition
d) decomposers

What are consumers that eat both plants and animals called?
a) vegetarians
b) herbivores
c) carnivores
d) omnivores

A camel can travel many days without drinking. Camels usually live in places with
a) very little rainfall
b) very little sunshine
c) many lakes
d) many plants

A large population of snakes moves into an area. What might happen to the mice in that area?
a) The mice will become larger.
b) There will be more mice too.
c) The snakes will stop eating the mice.
d) The mouse population will become smaller.

When there are few mice in an ecosystem what is going to happen to the snakes?
a) The snakes must look for another food source or they will die.
b) Snakes will adapt and consume only plant life.
c) The snakes will learn to eat grass.
d) Mice will move into the area.

A long neck helps the giraffe
a) eat grass in fields.
b) eat leaves on trees.
c) cross rivers and streams.
d) protect itself from tigers.

Which answer explains how an ecosystem might change if there were no producers living there?
a) The environment would adapt.
b) The environment would be healthier.
c) Producers are not necessary in an ecosystem.
d) Other organisms could no longer survive in this area.

What would happen if a drought occurred for several years in an ecosystem?
a) Nothing would change.
b) New plants would grow.
c) The animals would learn to not drink so much water.
d) The whole ecosystem would change due to the lack of water.

If farmers cleared a large forest and planted grass, the squirrels that had lived in the forest would MOST
a) move to other areas that had trees.
b) learn to live in the long grass.
c) find seeds and nuts to plant more trees.
d) build their nests on the ground.

Identify one way humans have caused the extinction of organisms.
a) Humans have over hunted and killed many animals.
b) Humans have had little effect on organisms.
c) Humans didn't feed the animals.
d) Humans kept animals as pets.

Plants make their own food. When used this way, the word food means something that
a) usually tastes good.
b) contains stored energy.
c) needs sunlight and carbon dioxide.
d) is eaten only by animals.

Green plants are important to animals because the plants
a) consume both food and carbon dioxide.
b) consume food and give off oxygen.
c) produce food and give off oxygen.
d) produce food and give off carbon dioxide.

Owls hunt for food mostly at night. How do owls find food in the dark?
a) Owls find food by feeling with antennas.
b) Owls use their feet to scratch and find seeds.
c) The eyes of owls open very wide to see in dim light.
d) Owls sit in trees and wait for food to move closer.

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