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A day set aside to remember a special person or even is called a
a) Patriotism
b) Potter
c) Wilflife
d) Holiday

Many well-known ____________________ live in Seagrove.
a) Potters
b) Cloggers
c) Patriotism
d) Wildlife Refuge

If a person is showing love for a country, they are showing _______________
a) Wildlife Regufe
b) Patriotism
c) how fun a holiday is
d) how they can clog

Which festival celebrates that natural beauty of the coast?
a) North Carolina Forest Festival
b) Mule Days
c) Outer banks Coastal Land Trust Festival
d) Scuppernog River Festival

Which of the following is held in the Mountain Region?
a) reenactment of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse
b) Strawberry Festival in Chadbourn
c) Fiesta del Pueblo
d) Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

How many states border North Carolina?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Which of the following is held in the Coastal Plain Region?
a) reenactment of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse
b) Strawberry Festival in Chadbourn
c) Fiesta del Pueblo
d) Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

What do clogging and shagging have in common?
a) Both were performed by early settlers.
b) Both were started in the Piedmont.
c) Both are done to Appalachian music.
d) Both are official state dances.

What did the citizens of Winston-Salem form in 1949?
a) a local arts council
b) North Carolina School of Arts
c) the Mint Museum of Art
d) an orchestra

What do The Lost Colony and Unto These Hills have in common?
a) Both are Appalachian songs
b) Both are part of Folkmoot USA
c) Both are outdoor dramas
d) Both are names of quilting patterns.

With which war are the Halifax Resolves associated?
a) the American Revolution
b) the French and Indian War
c) World War I
d) the Civil War

Why is North Carolina's population diverse?
a) N.C. is the tenth-largest state in population.
b) Some migrant workers have chosen to settle in one place.
c) N.C. is on the fastest-growing states.
d) People of many different ethnic groups live in N.C.

Which group forms one of North Carolina's largest immigrant groups today?
a) German
b) Asian
c) Scotch-Irish
d) Hispanic

What is the meaning of the word guaranteed?
a) changed
b) promised
c) adopted
d) forgotten

What do all North Carolinians share?
a) They live under the same state and national laws.
b) They have the same ancestors.
c) They have the same beliefs.
d) They belong to the same ethnic groups.

How did the Treaty with the Cherokee affect the Indians?
a) Indians were forced off their lands.
b) Indians were given the right to own land in Georgia.
c) Indians moved to Mexico and Canada to find hunting grouds.
d) Indians were required to move to the state of Georgia and sell their land in the west.

Citizens pay taxes. What do they gain from paying taxes?
a) The citizens are able to support local banks.
b) The citizens are able to support local political campaigns.
c) The government is able to control the spending of citizens.
d) The government is able to provide services to its citizens.

Which is one way the state and local governments are the same?
a) Both control llibraries.
b) Both collect property taxes.
c) Both governments are elected by people.
d) Both have governors.

North Carolina has many cultures. How is culture shown by different groups in the state?
a) They are kept private and celebrated only within the family.
b) They are celebrated through a school holiday for each group's culture.
c) They are celebrated through arts, songs, and stories about different culture groups.
d) They are preserved in history books passed down through different churches.

What is a duty of the citizens of North Carolina?
a) having a job
b) voting in elections
c) driving the speed limit
d) having a fair trial by peers

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