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Nucleic acid that stores the genetic code in cells is called
a) RNA
b) mRNA
c) DNA
d) genetics

Maintaining a stabel internal concition is called
a) Metabolism
b) Homeostasis
c) Energy
d) Multicellular

When the genetic material from one parent is used to produce an offspring
a) Reproduction
b) Sexual
c) Asexual
d) zygote

When two parents are involved in reproduction it is called
a) reproduction
b) Sexual
c) Asexual
d) Zygote

The changing of organisms as a group over time is called
a) Evolution
b) adaption
c) Response
d) Stimuli

Living things burn food for
a) proteins
b) sugars
c) carbohydrates
d) Energy

The basic unit of life is the
a) Organism
b) Plant
c) Cell
d) Sun

Living things respond to _____ in their environment
a) Weather
b) Temperature
c) Food
d) Stimuli

All the chemical reactions in your body is called
a) Homeostasis
b) Metabolism
c) Growth & Developement
d) Evolution

What is an organism with many cells called
a) Multicellular
b) Complicated
c) Unicellular
d) Simple

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