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• Which country asked “the public to considerably reduce their consumption as a way to reduce the problem”?
a) The Dominican Republic
b) Italy
c) Russia
d) Flordia

• Which country has an illegal toxic dumpsite from the 1960’s?
a) Spain
b) England
c) Italy
d) Dominican Republic

• How many residents have the toxins in Italy’s polluted rivers and aquifers affected?
a) 700
b) 7,000
c) 70,000
d) 700,000

• Where does most of the Dominican Republic’s agricultural runoff come from?
a) Wheat Farms
b) Rice Farms
c) Turtle Farms
d) Cattle Farms

• Who is collaborating with farmers and government agencies to improve environmental impacts?
a) Water Safety Alliance
b) Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance
c) Environmental Protection Agency
d) California Department of Water Resources

• What can damage and kill aquatic life and vegetation as well as corrode buildings, bridges and other structures?
a) Giant Lizards
b) Babies
c) Acid Rain
d) Intense sun rays

• How many tons of carbon did the Dominican Republic emit in 2010?
a) .209
b) 2.09
c) 20.9
d) 209

• What percentage of its forests has the Dominican Republic lost due to deforestation?
a) 30-40%
b) 40-50%
c) 75-85%
d) 90-99%

• What country had the tenth highest level of carbon emissions in the 1990’s?
a) Italy
b) Dominican Republic
c) Zambia
d) California

• What does Italy’s Merli Law do?
a) Controls whaling
b) • Controls the disposal of organic and chemical wastes
c) Controls Kidnapping
d) Controls driving age

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