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Which country did the bagpipes come from?
a) United States
b) Japan
c) Jamaica
d) Ireland

What instrument originated in the US?
a) The djembe
b) The violin
c) The mountain dulcimer
d) The conga drum

What disability did Beethoven have?
a) He was deaf
b) He had Polio
c) He had Autism
d) He was blind

Which musical note shows 1 sound to 1 beat
a) The whole note
b) Paired 8th notes
c) The dotted half note
d) The quarter note

Which composer is from the United States?
a) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
b) Ludwig van Beethoven
c) Aaron Copland
d) Johann Sebastian Bach

The following piece of music was composed by Beethoven.
a) Fur Elise
b) America, the Beautiful
c) Gangnam Style
d) Frog Went a Courtin'

The saxophone is a member of what family of the orchestra?
a) the strings famiy
b) the woodwind family
c) the percussion family
d) the brass family

The violin is a member of what family of the orchestra?
a) the brass family
b) the string family
c) the woodwind family
d) the percussion family

Which family of percussion is the triangle?
a) Drums
b) Woods
c) Shaker/scrapers
d) Metals

Which of the following instruments is from the shaker/scraper family?
a) Gathering drum
b) Maracas
c) Cymbal
d) Claves

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