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What does the prefix aqua mean?
a) aftershave
b) quack
c) trouble
d) water

What does the prefix aud mean?
a) to talk
b) to speak
c) to eat
d) to hear

What does the prefix cent mean?
a) one thousand
b) a penny
c) to mail something
d) one hundred

What does the prefix therm mean?
a) heat
b) cold
c) lightning
d) wind

What does the prefix fract mean?
a) to run
b) to hide
c) to break
d) to laugh

What does the prefix voc mean?
a) to drink
b) to think
c) voice
d) vote

What does the prefix multi mean?
a) a few
b) to mix
c) many
d) to mix

What does the prefix bene mean?
a) good
b) crazy
c) many
d) few

What does the prefix jud mean?
a) to pick
b) to judge
c) to think
d) to work

what does the prefix port mean?
a) to carry
b) to ride in a ship
c) sing
d) think

What does the prefix tele mean?
a) near
b) far
c) telephone
d) joke

What does audio mean
a) to walk
b) to hear something
c) to make something
d) to think

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