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How did the French and American revolutions instigate the women’s revolution?
a) Women learned how to use weapons, and they used them to fight men.
b) The calls for equality between classes inspired women to fight for equality.
c) The abolition of slavery inspired women to fight for their freedom.
d) Women learned how to read for the first time in history.

Which of the following statements was NOT characteristic of daily life for women before the women’s rights movement?
a) Women couldn’t vote.
b) Women did almost all the housework.
c) Women couldn’t get a divorce.
d) Women owned half the land when married.

What question was the poet Anne Bradstreet asking when she wrote “Who says my hand a needle better fits”?
a) Why aren’t men allowed to use needles?
b) Why should women be the ones who sew and do other housework?
c) Why should women suffer multiple wounds while sewing?
d) Why are needles made in sizes that are difficult for women to use?

Mary Wollstonecraft argued that women were being treated like
a) slaves
b) animals
c) princesses
d) children

What successful movement inspired Elizabeth Cady Stanton to begin organizing for women’s rights?
a) civil rights
b) abolition
c) prohibition
d) suffrage

Why was Susan B. Anthony arrested?
a) She was caught smoking illegally.
b) She was caught freeing slaves illegally.
c) She was caught voting illegally.
d) She was caught drinking illegally.

The Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants women suffrage, which means
a) the right to vote
b) the right to drink
c) the right to a divorce
d) the right to dance

Who was Rosie the Riveter?
a) a key crusader for women’s suffrage
b) a character used to get women to work
c) a female soldier during World War II
d) a feminist writer in the 1960s

What was the “problem that has no name”?
a) educated women’s boredom with staying at home
b) the inability of women to gain an education
c) hidden domestic abuse against women
d) women’s disinterest in voting after they gained the right

What is a current effect of employment discrimination against women?
a) Women are unprotected from sexual harassment in the workplace.
b) Women are not allowed to be president of the United States.
c) Women often make less money than men for doing the same job.
d) Women have to pay higher taxes than men.

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