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What is the definition of pity?
a) the center of a peach
b) a feeling of sorrow and sympathy for the troubles of another
c) a type of desert eaten in France
d) a type of contest with six or more players

What is the definition of glistening?
a) a famous mouth wash that kills millions of germs on contact
b) shining with reflective light
c) a type of armor that greek soldiers used
d) a famous horror movie

What is the definition of destiny?
a) a girls name
b) a famous television show about children
c) a very lucky person who seems to always win
d) what happens to a person, especially when it seems to be determined in advance

What is the definition of strait?
a) a cowboy singer from Texas
b) a long line
c) a narrow channel between to larger bodies of water
d) a poker hand with two aces

What is the definition of hideous?
a) a special hiding place
b) an exceptional halloween costume
c) extremely ugly, horrible
d) a type of government enjoyed by the ancient greeks

What is the definition of throb?
a) when teenagers really like someone
b) a drink made in amusement parks such as Lagoon and Disney Land
c) a heavy, fast beat or sensation
d) a movement; a rolling feeling

What is the definition of worthy?
a) a candy made from butter toffee
b) a ship sailed by ancient sailers
c) having enough value or to be deserving
d) a political figure that is popular with the public

What is the definition of challenged?
a) a typer of butter sold in stores
b) a call to take part in a game or contest
c) a game played on college campus
d) a race track in Alabama

What is the definition of assassins
a) a person that raises donkeys in the desert
b) a person or persons that murders a public figure such as a government leader
c) a ship that is famous around the world
d) a war that Jason was fighting

What is the definition of gaping?
a) a grape used to make juice
b) when on person stares at another
c) a feeling of sadness
d) wide open

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