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Which sentence has a helping verb?
a) Shall we go to the library?
b) Hurry! Let's go to the library
c) Illustrate a scene from the book.
d) Call Mrs. Carol at 3.

What is the past participle in the following sentence? The soccer team won their game on saturday!
a) The
b) Team
c) Won
d) Their

What is the infinite verb in the following sentence? Please try to think of a topic to write about .
a) Please
b) Try
c) Topic
d) think

Which verb agrees with one dog? One dog is sitting on the grass.
a) Is
b) sitting
c) On
d) The

What does subject verb agreement mean?
a) The verb does not show action.
b) The verb shows action
c) A VERB must agree in # and person in its SUBJECT.
d) The verb links from one verb to another.

What does liking veb express?
a) State of being
b) Action
c) Represents the subject.

Find the adjective or noun that the verb links to the subject in the following sentence. The abandoned puppy looked hungry.
a) Puppy
b) Abandoned
c) looked
d) hungry

What is the linking verb in the following sentence? Paul became a physician.
a) Paul
b) Became
c) A

Find the helping verb in the following sentence. The surgeon has operated many times before.
a) Operates
b) Many
c) Has
d) before

What is the helping verb? Jake and his dad are using the computer.
a) His
b) using
c) computer
d) are

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