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Rain or snow usually is associated with falling air pressure.
a) True
b) False

Tornadoes form in the same kind of cloud as thunderstorms.
a) True
b) False

Large clouds that often produce thunderstorms are called
a) cumulonimbus clouds.
b) stratus clouds.
c) cirrus clouds.
d) nimbostratus clouds.

Any form of water that falls from clouds is called
a) condensation.
b) evaporation.
c) dew.
d) precipitation.

When a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and neither can move the other, the result is a(n)
a) warm front.
b) cold front.
c) stationary front.
d) occluded front.

A major difference between cyclones and anticyclones is
a) the direction of their winds.
b) their size.
c) where they occur.
d) how often they occur.

When a warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass, it forms a(n)
a) stationary front.
b) occluded front.
c) cold front.
d) warm front.

At a warm front, warm air meets and moves over cold air.
a) True
b) False

What kind of weather would a continental tropical air mass that formed over northern Mexico bring to the southwestern United States?
a) warm and moist
b) cold and moist
c) hot and dry
d) monsoon rains

Isobars are lines on a map joining places that have the same
a) wind speed.
b) air pressure.
c) temperature.
d) humidity.

A funnel-shaped cloud that touches Earth’s surface is called a
a) tornado.
b) cyclone.
c) hurricane.
d) thunderhead.

Cold, dry air affecting the northern United States in winter often comes from
a) maritime tropical air masses.
b) continental polar air masses.
c) maritime polar air masses.
d) continental tropical air masses.

Very high feathery clouds are called
a) cumulonimbus clouds.
b) stratus clouds.
c) nimbostratus clouds.
d) cirrus clouds.

Relative humidity can be measured with a(an)
a) anemometer.
b) psychrometer.
c) thermometer.
d) barometer.

Two conditions are required for cloud formation: cooling of the air and
a) the absorption of infrared energy.
b) the unequal heating of Earth’s surface.
c) the presence of particles in the air.
d) the influence of the Coriolis effect.

What is the name of the process by which water vapor enter the atmosphere during the water cycle?
a) condensation
b) convection
c) evaporation
d) precipitation

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