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The division of power between states and the national government is called
a) separation of powers
b) checks and balances
c) federalism
d) limited government

In our federal system of government
a) the national government is supreme
b) the state governments are supreme
c) the local governments are supreme
d) the national government and the state government are equal

The powers not given to the national government are
a) not given to anyone
b) reserved for the states
c) shared between the courts and the legislatures
d) given to the local governments

The U.S. Constitutuon
a) creates a system of government where the local government is supreme
b) denies powers to both the national and state governments
c) allows the national government to treat anyone unfairly
d) established the first form of government for the independent colonies

Which level of government conducts foreign policy and regulates commerce?
a) National
b) State

What establishes the form of government for the Commonwealth of Virginia?
a) The U.S. Constitution
b) The Preamble
c) The Virginia Declaration of Rights
d) The Virginia Constitution

The Virginia General Assembly is made up of the Senate and the
a) House of Representatives
b) House of Legislators
c) House of Delegates
d) House of Deputies

Makes the laws for the state and approves the biennial budget are powers of the -
a) congressional branch
b) executive branch
c) judicial branch
d) legislative branch

The Virginia Supreme Court has the power of -
a) judicial review over state laws
b) approving state laws
c) preparing the state budget
d) impeaching the governor

In Virginia's lawmaking process, citizens may voice their opinions about a bill during the -
a) floor debate
b) conference committee debate
c) committee hearing
d) signing of the bill

What happens to a bill after it passes one house of the Virginia General Assembly?
a) The bill goes to a conference committee
b) The bill goes to the governor for final approval
c) The bill is introduced into the other house
d) The bill receives a floor vote in the other house

Educaton, Public Health, and Environment are
a) Part of the Green Party's platform
b) voting issues
c) problems with the economy
d) primary issues for the General Assesmbly

Governor proposes a statewide ban on smoking in restaurants. He is demonstrating the role of
a) Chief of State
b) Chief Legislator
c) Chief Administrator
d) Party Chief

Governor Smith calls on the National Guard to help evacuate flood victims. He is demonstrating the role of
a) Party Chief
b) Chief Administrator
c) Chief of State
d) Commander-in-Chief

Governor McDonnell endorses fellow Republican George Allen for Senate. He is demonstrating the role of
a) Party Chief
b) Chief Administrator
c) Chief Legislator
d) Commander-in-Chief

Governor Jones vetoes the drug bill. He is demonstrating the role of
a) Chief Administrator
b) Chief Legislator
c) Chief of State
d) Party Chief

Governor Lewis presents his agenda in the State of the Commonwealth Address to the General Assembly. He is demonstrating the role of
a) Commander-in-Chief
b) Party Chief
c) Chief Legislator
d) Chief Administrator

Governor Michaels meets with this cabinet to address the budget. He is demonstrating the role of
a) Chief of State
b) Chief Administator
c) Chief Legislator
d) Commander-in Chief

Administer laws, regulates aspects of business and the economy, and provides serves are
a) powers and responsibilities of the state judicial branch
b) powers and responsibilities of agencies and regulatory boards
c) powers and responsibilities of the Electoral College
d) powers and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System

A proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution must be ratified by
a) two-thirds of Virginia voters
b) two-third of the General Assembly
c) a majority of Virginia voters
d) a majority of the General Assembly

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