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In ancient Greece, whom did people blame for their misfortune?
a) the king
b) the Gods
c) themselves
d) All of the above

The city is like a ship rolling dangerously is an example of
a) foreshadowing.
b) a simile.
c) personification.
d) symbolism.

Which sentence best summarizes what the Oracle at Delphi tells Creon?
a) A murderer must be brought to justice.
b) Oedipus must sacrifice his eldest son.
c) Oedipus must move out of the city.
d) The people must burn their fields of grain.

Oedipus' name gives a clue to his identity. In Greek, the word Oedipus means
a) King of Thebes.
b) savior.
c) swollen foot.
d) villain.

Which word best describes Oedipus' reaction to the news that old Polybos had died?
a) anger
b) sadness
c) relief
d) joy

At the end of the play, what punishment does Oedipus receive?
a) exile
b) blindess
c) death
d) All of the above

The blind prophet who could see the truth was
a) Creon.
b) Tiresias.
c) Polybos.
d) the Corinthian messenger.

Who became king at the end of the play?
a) Oedipus
b) Polybos
c) Tiresias
d) Creon

Oedipus' tragic flaw is
a) arrogance.
b) indecisiveness.
c) pride.
d) ambition.

What does Jocasta do when she finds out the truth?
a) She goes into exile.
b) She blinds herself.
c) She kills herself.
d) All of the above

Whom does Oedipus accuse of plotting against him?
a) Jocasta and Creon
b) Tiresias and Creon
c) the Gods
d) the Chorus

What news did Oedipus get from the Oracle when he went to find out about his future?
a) that he would become ruler of Thebes
b) that he did not know who his real birth parents were
c) that he would one day rule in Corinth
d) that he would kill his father and sleep with his mother

The audience would have been able to relate to the play because
a) it was written in their time period.
b) the author was well known.
c) they could sympathize with a seemingly unending plague.
d) All of the above

Where did Oedipus' birth parents leave him for dead?
a) Corinth
b) Thebes
c) Mt. Cithaeron
d) Athens

The line You see straight now but then you will see darkness is an example of
a) imagery.
b) a metaphor.
c) foreshadowing.
d) predicting.

Which of the following characters did Oedipus think was his father?
a) Creon
b) Laius
c) Jocasta
d) Polybos

The author of Oedipus the King is
a) Sophocles.
b) Homer.
c) Tiresias.
d) None of the above

Whom does the chorus represent in the play?
a) the Theban king
b) the Gods
c) the people of Thebes
d) Creon

How did Oedipus become the ruler of Thebes?
a) He killed King Laius and took over the throne.
b) He solved the riddle of the Sphinx that had been torturing Thebes.
c) The Gods put him in charge.
d) He was voted king by the Theban citizens.

All of the following are themes from Oedipus the King EXCEPT
a) Sight vs. Blindness
b) The Search for the Truth
c) Fate vs. Free Will
d) None of the Above

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