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In 1969 a new island was formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Which event is most likely responsible for suddenly creating new land?
a) volcano
b) tornado
c) earthquake
d) hurricane

What proof do scientists have that Earth was not always like it is today?
a) fossils
b) photographs
c) space records
d) human records

Rapid changes to Earth's surface are most likely caused by which of the following?
a) tides
b) weathering
c) earthquakes
d) ocean currents

Where are rocks of different types and ages found?
a) only on continents
b) under some oceans
c) in dry areas
d) everywhere on Earth

Where is magma located
a) on Earth's surface
b) on top of houses
c) floating on water
d) inside of volcanoes

What happens to pockets of underground water when heated by magma in a volcano?
a) turns to ice
b) turns to a pond
c) turns to steam
d) turns to salt water

What happens to glaciers over thousands of years?
a) They do not change.
b) They change chemically.
c) They change their density.
d) They expand and contract.

A volcanic eruption can be either _____________ .
a) explosive or gentle
b) explosive or violent
c) explosive or smooth
d) explosive or a geyser

What is used to date rocks, minerals, and fossils?
a) the location of the rock layer
b) radioactive dating
c) microscope
d) spectroscope

Where are volcanoes most likely to form?
a) mountain ranges
b) under the ocean
c) boundaries of tectonic plates
d) center of tectonic plates

What is the rapid shaking of the ground?
a) tornado
b) tsunami
c) hurricane
d) earthquake

Where might you expect to find the most damage from an earthquake?
a) park
b) farm
c) golf course
d) city

What are the main components of soil?
a) organisms
b) decayed organisms and deposited materials
c) glacial remains
d) decayed organisms and solid rocks

Recently a large tsunami hit an island in Indonesia, killing many people. What causes tsunamis?
a) tide
b) hurricane
c) ocean current
d) earthquakes

The majority of volcanoes are located along tjhe Ring of Fire. What else is at these locations?
a) the middle of continents
b) the middle of the oceans
c) the tectonic plate boundaries
d) the place where rock groups change

Where is the location of lava?
a) Inside the volcano
b) On Earth's surface
c) underneath plates
d) in the sky

A deep valley carved by a fast flowing river is a __________________.
a) canyon
b) delta
c) dune
d) mountain

A hill of sand created by the wind is called a
a) canyon
b) delta
c) cave
d) dune

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