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What are the correct steps in the scientific method?
a) Question, gather information, hypothesis, experiment, data collection, and conclusion
b) Gather information, question, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion
c) Question, hypothesis, gather information, experiment, data collection, and conclusion
d) Question, gather information, experiment, hypothesis, data collection and conclusion

A well-written experiment should include a list of 3 things?
a) Materials, safety precautions, and step by step instructions
b) Step by step instructions, materials and a graph
c) Materials, clean up instructions and lab partners
d) none of the above

Which is not a source of information?
a) Experts
b) Research
c) Data
d) Observations

What instrument is used to measure mass?
a) Triple Beam Balance
b) Scale
c) Balance
d) None of the above

What is the main metric unit that we use for measuring mass?
a) grams
b) ounces
c) pounds
d) liters

What is the name of the tool used to measure volume?
a) graduated cylinder
b) beaker
c) flask
d) bottle

What is the main metric unit for measuring volume?
a) liter
b) gram
c) pounds
d) inches

What should be worn during a lab to protect your eyes?
a) Safety glasses
b) eye glasses
c) sunglasses
d) none of the above

What is an eyewash station used for?
a) to wash chemicals out of your eyes
b) to get a drink from
c) to wash chemicals off your clothes
d) to splash your friends

What do you do with broken glass?
a) put it in the broken glass box
b) throw it in the garbage can
c) put it in the sink
d) leave it on the table

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