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Natural rights are the things you are born with that no one should be able to take away. Which of the following is not an example of a natural right.
a) having the right to freedom
b) having the things you need to take care of yourself
c) having the right to live in a way that makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt others
d) aving the right to steal from others and not get into trouble

Who was the leader of the Continental Army?
a) Patriots
b) Loyalists
c) Puritans
d) George Washington

Why did the Battle of Saratoga become known as another watershed event?
a) It forced colonists to decide they needed to become separate from their parent country.
b) It gave all people a say about the decisions in the colony
c) It caused other countries to think America could win the war
d) It was the final battle of the American Revolution

Which of the following are the main crops of the southern colonies?
a) bamboo, rice, peanuts
b) corn, cotton, wheat
c) tobacco, rice, indigo
d) barley, wheat, corn

This slogan meant that colonists didn't want to pay taxes if they didn't get a say in government.
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Boston Tea Party
c) Navigation Act of 1773
d) Taxation without Representation

Which of the following BEST explains why tensions arose between the colonists and England?
a) There was a new king on the English throne
b) England did not want the colonies to trade with France
c) They disagreed over policies about the American Indians
d) Colonists were taxed even though they didn't have representation

The French and Indian War had many consequences. Which of the following is a consequence England faced as a result of the French and Indian War?
a) Religious Freedom
b) Debt
c) Equality
d) Salutary Neglect

Which of the following was the final battle of the American Revolution.
a) The Battle of Lexington and Concord
b) The French and Indian War
c) The Battle of Saratoga
d) The Battle of Yorktown

The Battles of Lexington and Concord became known as this?
a) The Shot Heard Round the World
b) Boston Massacre
c) Salutary Neglect
d) Treaty of Paris of 1783

There were many events which led up to the American Revolution. Which of the following is not an example of an event which led to the American Revolution?
a) Natural Rights
b) Taxation without Representation
c) Boston Tea Party
d) Boston Massacre

England borrowed money to pay for the French and Indian War. After the war was over, England had to figure out how to pay this money back. In order to pay back the money borrowed, England stopped using Salutary Neglect and started using _____________
a) Mercantilism
b) Natural Rights
c) Shared Values
d) Indentured Servants

Multiple Causation is the idea that many things can cause something to happen. Which of the following is an example of multiple causation.
a) A teacher posting classroom rules in the classroom for students to follow.
b) A doctor prescribing medicine to a sick patient who complains of an illness.
c) A parent not allowing a child their child to stay the night at a friends house.
d) An employee gets fired from their job and is not able to pay their electric bill which causes them to have their power dis

The Boston Tea Party took place in which of the following regions
a) Southern
b) Western
c) Northern
d) Middle

How would you classify the relationship between England and the colonists?
a) Friendly and Cooperative
b) Caring and Understanding
c) Parent and Child
d) Equal and Balanced

What was the function of the Mayflower Compact of 1620?
a) An agreement between the Pilgrims that listed the rules for how they wanted to live. It gave all people a say about the decis
b) Said that colonists could not settle past the Appalachian Mountains.
c) Stated that America was now its own country. It also listed the reasons why England no longer had the right to be in charge o
d) Meant that colonies would not pay taxes unless they had a say in what taxes they should pay.

The original colonies were organized into which of the following three regions:
a) England, France, and North America
b) Northern, Middle, and Southern
c) Northern, Eastern, and Western
d) Northern, Eastern, Southern

Give the main reasons for England not allowing the colonists to settle past the Appalachian Mountains.
a) They didn't want another war with the Native Americans
b) They wanted the land for themselves.
c) It was rocky land.
d) It was too far to travel.

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