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A calculator uses a 9 Volt battery and draws 0.1 A of current. How much power does it use?
a) 0.9 watts
b) 0.9 kW
c) 90 watts
d) 90 kW

Use Ohm's Law to determine the current found in a circuit that has a 1.5 V battery and a light bulb with a resistance of 2 Ohms.
a) 3 Amps
b) 1.33 Amps
c) 1 Amp
d) 0.75 Amps

Which of the following would not make an electromagnet stronger?
a) add more coils
b) wrap the coils more tightly together around the iron core
c) use less coils
d) use a stronger voltage source

The measurement of the movement of electrons in a circuit is the ___.
a) voltage
b) current
c) resistance
d) energy

Ohm's Law states that ___.
a) the voltage is equal to the current divided by the resistance
b) the current is equal to the voltage times the resistance
c) the resistance is equal to the voltage times the current.
d) the current is equal to the voltage divided by the resistance.

The type of current that flows in only one direction through a wire is known as
a) direct
b) alterior
c) alternating
d) series

The rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy is known as ____.
a) electrical currents
b) electrical power
c) electrical voltage
d) electrical voltage difference

To find the electrical power you would use the following formula:
a) current/voltage
b) current/resistance
c) current x voltage
d) current x resistance

Resistance can change electrical energy into ____ energy and ____.
a) current, thermal
b) light, current
c) thermal, light
d) thermal, voltage

Which of the following prevents electrical fires and is composed of plastic that melts if a circuit becomes to hot?
a) circuit breaker
b) fuses
c) resistors
d) batteries

The type of closed circuit in which you can add or remove light bulbs with no effect on the other bulbs in the circuit.
a) parallel
b) open
c) series
d) static

The two types of closed circuits are
a) series and parallel
b) series and potential
c) parallel and open
d) parallel and static

The type of closed circuit in which the electrons have only one path or loop to travel through is known as a ___ circuit.
a) parallel
b) open
c) series
d) static

A device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy is known as a(n)
a) generator
b) electrical motor
c) resistor
d) fuse

The current in a circuit is measured in ____.
a) amperes
b) volts
c) ohms
d) watts

The measurement of the electrical potential difference between the positive and negative portions of a battery is known as ____. This is the force that pushes the current along the circuit.
a) current
b) watts
c) amperes
d) voltage

What units are used to measure resistance?
a) Ohms
b) Volts
c) Amperes
d) Watts

The measurement of how the device or material reduces the electrical current that flows through it is called the ___.
a) voltage
b) circuit
c) resistance
d) fuse

A toy car with a resistance of 20 Ohms is connected to a 3 Volt battery. How much current flows in the car?
a) 60 Amps
b) 6.67 Amps
c) 0.15 Amps
d) 23 Amps

The current flowing in an appliance connected to a 120 Volt source is 2 Amps. How many KILOWATTS of power does the appliance use?
a) 240,000
b) 2.4
c) 240
d) 0.24

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