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What is the name of the law that limits the Han Chinese from having children?
a) Two Child Policy
b) One Child Policy
c) No Child Policy
d) No child left behind

What is urbanization?
a) Moving to a rural area from the city
b) Building more farms
c) Moving to the city from a rural area
d) None of these

Which country is an archipelago?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Mongolia
d) Korea

What is overpopulation
a) Too many people and not enough resources
b) Too many resources and not enough people
c) There is enough of everything
d) None of these

Why was the Great Wall of China built to the North?
a) It looks pretty
b) To protect China from Mongolia in the North
c) To protect China from India to the South
d) None of these

What effect did communism have on the country of China?
a) Their guiding principles outweighed certain human rights.
b) Their guiding principles outweighed certain human rights.
c) They allow full human rights as they are defined.
d) They say their people are violent and don't deserve human rights.

Why was the Grand Canal System built in China
a) Keep out invaders
b) add beauty to the landscape
c) Provide fresh drinking water
d) improve transportation across china

Which countries are considered a peninsula?
a) North and South Korea
b) Japan and China
c) China and Mongolia
d) Japan and South Korea

Which economic system does the Chinese government maintain?
a) Free Enterprise
b) Capitalist
c) Communist
d) Traditional

Which of the following countries has a free enterprise economy?
a) Japan
b) China
c) North Korea
d) South Korea

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