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Of the following, the man most in favor of seizing land from Mexico was
a) James K. Polk.
b) Daniel Webster.
c) John C. Calhoun.
d) Abraham Lincoln.

Under Mexican rule, the main appeal Texas held for American settlers was
a) cheap land.
b) legalized slavery.
c) religious freedom.
d) government protection from Native Americans.

“Fifty-Four Forty or Fight” referred to a boundary dispute between the United States and
a) Spain.
b) Mexico.
c) Great Britain.
d) the Sauk and Fox..

The name of a man killed by an anti-Mormon mob in 1844 is
a) Black Hawk.
b) Brigham Young.
c) Joseph Smith.
d) John C. Frémont.

During the 1840s, the advantage that canals had over railroads was that shipping by canal was
a) faster
b) cheaper
c) more direct
d) less affected by weather

Industrialization in the early 19th century led to all of the following except
a) specialization
b) greater self-sufficiency.
c) lower prices for manufactured products.
d) widening differences between North and South.

The battle most responsible for winning Texas its freedom from Mexico took place
a) at the Alamo.
b) at Buena Vista.
c) near the Rio Grande.
d) near the San Jacinto River.

The final borders of the lower 48 states were established in the
a) Gadsden Purchase.
b) annexation of Texas.
c) Webster-Ashburton Treaty.
d) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

The inventor of a new rubber product that didn’t freeze or melt was
a) Elias Howe.
b) Charles Goodyear.
c) Robert Fulton.
d) Samuel F. B. Morse.

The inventor of a mechanical reaper that did the work of five farm workers was
a) John Deere.
b) I. M. Singer.
c) John C. Frémont.
d) Cyrus McCormick.

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