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How do animals stay alive in the wild?
a) The animals run.
b) The animals hide.
c) They animals adapt to their environment.
d) The animals become predators.

What is the function of camouflage in the wild?
a) To help animals pick up their prey.
b) To blend into the habitat.
c) To help predators climb trees.
d) To help predators adpat.

What are physical features?
a) The fur on the animal.
b) The spots on the animal.
c) The way the animal runs.
d) The way the animal looks on the outside.

How do animals use mimicry to protect themselves?
a) They want to look like something a predator doesn’t want to eat.
b) They want to blend into their surrounds.
c) They want to hide from other animals.
d) They want to look like something sweet and tasty.

What’s the difference between camouflage and mimicry?
a) Mimicry makes an animal hard to see. Camouflage makes it look like something else.
b) Camouflage makes an animal hard to see. Mimicry makes it look like something else.
c) Camouflage make an animal look like a predator. Mimicry makes it look like a leaf.
d) This is a trick question; they are the same.

If a chameleon was on a green leaf, what color do you think it would be?
a) brown
b) brown and green
c) green
d) yellow

What does it mean to adapt?
a) To fool a predator.
b) To blend in and camouflage.
c) To change over time to survive.
d) To make an animal invisible.

What does unexpectedly mean?
a) surprise
b) hidden
c) camouflage
d) jumping out

What does predator mean?
a) An animal the is hunted.
b) An animal that hunts other animals.
c) An animal that blends in.
d) An animal that uses mimcry.

If were an animal would you rather use camouflage or mimcry to survive? Use evidence from the text.
a) I would rather use mimcry because I could look like something cool.
b) I would rather use camouflage because I could go cool places.
c) I would rather use camouflage because the text says camouflage can fool predators.
d) I would rather use mimcry because the text says it is cool to look like a moth.

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