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TWO-DIMENSIONAL design packages store data for the
a) X and Y points only
b) X points only
c) X, Y, and Z points
d) Y points only

What method of graphic point location is used by all CAD systems as a standard?
a) Cartesian coordinate system
b) Four quadrant
c) Polar coordinate system
d) X-axis system

THREE-DIMENSIONAL design packages store data for the
a) X, Y, and Z points
b) axis points
c) coordinate pairs
d) outline forms

When utilizing the x, y, and z coordinates in 3-D modeling, the z-axis represents the
a) vertical axis
b) horizontal axis
c) length axis
d) width axis

A short word which, when entered, causes the computer to perform a function is call a/an
a) command
b) abbreviation
c) ditto
d) parameter

The four advantages of CAD are speed, quality, ease of modification, and
a) cost reduction
b) cartooning
c) developing rough layout
d) sketching tool

What drawings depict real life appearances, usually drawn to one or two-point vanishing points?
a) perspective
b) oblique
c) orthographic
d) thumbnail

A collection of tool buttons grouped together is called a
a) tool bar
b) correction bar
c) status bar
d) tool button

What type of sketch shows the front view as if a person were looking directly at it?
a) Oblique
b) Detailed
c) Refined
d) Rough

The lines with arrows or other terminators at the ends which extend between extension lines are called
a) dimension lines
b) center lines
c) cutting plane lines
d) section lines

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