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In what stage do plants
a) Gametophyte
b) Sporophyte
c) Photosynthesis
d) Vascular

Which of the following is NOT a similarity between green algea and plants?
a) The prescence of a cuticle
b) The kind of chlorophyll they have
c) A two-stage life cycle
d) Their cell walls

What is an underground stem from which new leaves and roots grow?
a) Rhizome
b) Rhizoid
c) Fiddlehead
d) Frond

What is another name for a fren leaf?
a) Frond
b) Club moss
c) Rhizome
d) Gametophyte

Gymnospermts and angiosperms both
a) Have seeds
b) Have flowers
c) Lack seeds
d) Have fruit

Major food crops such as corn, wheat and rice are
a) Angiosperms
b) Nonvascular plants
c) Seedless plants
d) Gymnosperms

What is the major difference between monocots and dicots?
a) The number of the cotyledons
b) The colors of the flowers
c) The size of the seeds
d) The scent of the flowers

Water loss in a leaf is prevented by the
a) Cuticle
b) Upper epidermis
c) Lower epidermis
d) Vascular tissue

A stem that is soft, thin, and flexible is called
a) Herbaceous stem
b) Woody stem
c) Soft stem
d) Growth ring

Photosynthesis uses sunlight to make food from water and
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Oxygen
d) Sodium bicarbonate

In the gameophyte stage, a fertilized egg grows to a
a) Sporophyte
b) Spore
c) Gameophyte
d) Sperm

Which of the following takes water and minerals from the roots to the shoot?
a) Xylem
b) Phloem
c) Flowers
d) Leaves

In seed plants, sperm form inside of
a) Pollen
b) Gameotyphytes
c) Seeds
d) Sporophytes

What three parts make up a seed?
a) Young plant, stored food, seed coat
b) Young plant, pollen, rhizome
c) Spores, stored water, young plant
d) Sporophyte, rhizoid, young plant

How do nonvascular plants get water?
a) From the environment or nearby cells
b) From the roots or vascular tissue
c) From the environment or xylem
d) From taproots or nearby cells

A full-grown tree is an example of a
a) Sporophyte
b) Cotyledon
c) Leaf
d) Sgameophyte

One function of a stem is to
a) Transport food ans / or store food
b) Store food
c) Make food
d) Feed

What plant cell part captures energy from the sun to make food?
a) Chorloplasts
b) Cell walls
c) Cell membranes
d) Vacuoles

What do the sperm of seedless plans need to reach the eggs?
a) Water
b) Wind
c) Pollen
d) Birds

What does xylem do?
a) Carries water and minerals
b) Grows longer roots
c) Dissolves minerals and food
d) Carries food

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