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ATP stands for...
a) Adenine Triphosphate
b) Adenine Triphosphorus
c) Adenosine Triphosphate
d) Adenosine Triphosphorus

What is a reactant in respiration?
a) Sugar
b) Water
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Light

ATP is used as fuel in the ________ stage.
a) Light-Dependent Reaction
b) Fermentation
c) Calvin Cycle
d) Light-independent Reaction

Which is NOT a way plants overcome living on land.
a) Prevention of water loss
b) Spores and seeds allowing wider dispersal
c) Transportation of nutrients
d) UV Radiation protection

I use sunlight and make my own food. I am a...
a) Heterotroph
b) Lemon
c) Autotroph
d) Mixotroph

What is energy
a) Protein
b) The ability to do work
c) The ability to reproduce
d) Electricity

The male part of the flower is the
a) Stamen
b) Carpel
c) Petal
d) Sepal

Which is NOT an obstacle to reproduction for angiosperms
a) Pollen doesn't get to the correct species
b) Seeds get eaten
c) Seeds end up in an unfavorable location
d) None of the above

Gymnosperms are
a) Seeds in leaves
b) Seeds in cones
c) Seeds in fruits
d) Not seeds

What is the end product of photosynthesis?
a) Glucose
b) ATP
c) ADP

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