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The tilt of the Earth is ____ degrees.
a) 23.5
b) 0
c) 26.4
d) 90

Which type of galaxy has a central bulge and curved arms?
a) quasar
b) elliptical
c) irregular
d) spiral

____ are leftover pieces of rock fragments that did not come together to form a planet.
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) meteorites
d) meteoroids

What would have to happen to slow down the length of a day on Earth?
a) Earth would need to rotate slower.
b) Earth would need to rotate faster.
c) Earth would need to revolve slower.
d) Earth would need to revolve faster.

The moon will complete a revolution around the Earth in _____
a) 24 hours
b) 365 days
c) 28 days
d) 31 days

How are the moon, sun, and earth lined up for a solar eclipse?
a) The sun is between the moon and earth.
b) The earth is between the sun and moon.
c) The moon is between sun and earth.
d) None of these answer is correct.

The two forces that keep planets in orbit around the sun are ____ and ____.
a) gravity and mass
b) inertia and distance
c) gravity and distance
d) inertia and gravity

If the tilt of the Earth were ___ degrees there would be no seasons.
a) 23.5
b) 0
c) 26.4
d) 90

_____ are made of pieces of dust or ice.
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) meteors
d) meterites

How often does earth have a leap year?
a) every other year
b) once a year
c) every 4 years
d) every 6 years

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