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Ogranisms must have food because ___.
a) food is a source of energy
b) all of the answers
c) organisms never amke their own food
d) food supplies cells with oxygen

What are the four basic necessities of life?
a) air, water, food, and living space
b) sunlight, water, food, and clothing
c) water, air, food, and clothing
d) sunlight, air, water, food

Most plants are ___.
a) producers
b) consumers
c) decomposers
d) none of the answers

Which statement best describes how consumers get the food they need to survive?
a) they use energy fro the sun to make food from water and carbon dioxide
b) the obtain energy and food from the chemicals in their environment
c) they eat other organisms
d) they break down the nutrients in dead organisms or animal wastes

A salamander is an example of a ___.
a) producer
b) consumer
c) decomposer
d) scavenger

Fungus is an example of a
a) producer
b) consumer
c) decomposer
d) scavenger

The metabolism of an organism includes activities such as ___.
a) making food
b) building cells
c) moving materials in and out of cells
d) all of the answers

A human can survive without water for only ___.
a) one day
b) three days
c) five days
d) one week

The cells of which of the following organisms are make up of approximately 70 % water?
a) a camel
b) a cactus
c) a dragonfly
d) all of the organisms

Living things need water. The human body is approximately 70 % water. If a student has a mass of 40 kg, what would the student's mass be without the water?
a) 10 kg
b) 12 kg
c) 28 kg
d) 30 kg

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