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Who was the head of the food administration and the president in 1928?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Miss Dembowski

to lose strength or power over time
a) blockade
b) lassiez-faire
c) suffrage
d) decline

growing or manufacturing more of a product than there are buyers
a) assembly line
b) surplus
c) over production
d) conveyor belt

Unemployment rate
a) the number of people who are out of work at a given time
b) tacos are running low in this world
c) people have jobs that pay really good money
d) the failure to repay a loan

What was the bonus army?
a) the extra army
b) people who win at bingo
c) a group of WWI vets who were made they didn't get promised extra money
d) the group of people who fought for Germany

FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt)'s 3 goals for the New Deal were
a) Relief, Recovery, and Reform
b) Doritos, Desserts, and Disco
c) Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat
d) Emergency Banking Relief

What does CCC stand for?
a) Civilian Conservation Corps (government hired men to plant trees and work outside)
b) Clackamas Community College (located in Oregon)
c) Critical Conversation Courts (places where the government had important talks)
d) Christmas Cookie Collection (they wanted to hand out cookies at the bread lines too)

This was a special group of people who gave advice to President FDR
a) Brain Trust
b) Cabinet
c) Bank Holiday People
d) his family

What was the purpose of the Court Packing Plan?
a) FDR wanted to add 6 more justices to the supreme court to get more power
b) guaranteeing people's money in their bank accounts
c) increasing gas and oil production
d) helping you get ready for the Social Studies Quiz

This person was a California doctor who cared about the government giving money to the elderly kind of like Social Security
a) Francis Townsend
b) Arnold Schwarzenegger
c) Huey Long
d) Herbert Hoover

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