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The work of scientists usually starts with
a) testing a hypothesis
b) drawing conclusions
c) creating experiments
d) careful observations

You suggest that the presence of water could make mold grow faster on bread. This is considered a(an)
a) conclusion
b) variables
c) experiment
d) hypothesis

A controlled experiment allows the scientist to isolate and test
a) a conclusion
b) a mass of information
c) several variables
d) a single variable

The ability to reproduce results is an important part of any
a) hypothesis
b) theory
c) law
d) experiment

A theory
a) is always true
b) is the opening statement of an experiment
c) may be revised or replaced
d) is a problem to be solved

An instrument used to view small organisms is a (an)
a) microscope
b) telescope
c) micrometer
d) kilometer

Safety procedures are important when working
a) in a laboratory
b) in the field
c) with animals
d) all of these answers

What types of organisms should you NOT come into contact with in the lab?
a) plants
b) organisms that cause disease
c) organisms that can only be seen with a microscope
d) animals

If an acid is splashed on your skin, wash at once with
a) soap
b) oil
c) weak base
d) plenty of water

Which is NOT considered a safety procedure?
a) Read all the steps in a lab
b) If in doubt, trust your instincts
c) Follow your teachers instructions
d) Follow the textbook directions exactly

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